Paint n Sparkles are experts in parties, and we love attending them! We offer face painting, balloon twisting, glitter tattoos, giant bubbles and party games. You can select one activity or a combination of activities.

Sparkly Sue is the head entertainer at Paint n Sparkles and is very popular at parties and events in Melbourne. Sparkly Sue (or Fairy Sparkles) has 20 years’ experience face painting and entertaining children. Want to learn more about Sparkly Sue? Head to the about page. We also have a large team available for parties and entertainment in Melbourne. So, if Sparkly Sue is already booked, we can send you an alternative advanced entertainer.

One of the things we strive to at paint n Sparkles is the quality of entertainers we send out. We only use advanced entertainers in Melbourne who have years of experience and are reliable. We never send out new entertainers or low-quality art. This sets us apart from other companies who may be cheaper, but their entertainers are also lower quality.

Face Painting

Face painting is always popular and is a great choice for keeping the little ones entertained at your next birthday party or event.

We love meeting all the children and families at parties and events, transforming them into their favourite characters, animals or mythical creatures.  Let us amaze them with sparkly fairies, scary tigers, and beautiful butterflies. We also have a selection board to help children pick their face painting.

We bring everything that is needed for face painting – professional high class face paint set ups, table and chair and water. All we require is shelter from the sun or rain ideally under a gazebo or umbrella.

We adhere to strict hygiene practices while face painting and follow a strict COVID safe plan in line with the beauty industry. We use a clean sponge and brushes for every child, use clean water for all children, and use cue tips for lips. We also keep our workspaces clean and tidy to ensure our artists and customers are kept safe.

We can face paint 10-12 full face designs an hour. We can also offer quicker designers so we can paint more children. Please discuss your needs with Sparkly Sue.

The Paint n Sparkles team only use professional high quality face paints and cosmetic grade glitter that is safe around the eyes. We use a selection of Face paints Australia, Tag, Mehron, and Paradise face paints.

Face painting prices

1 hour $180 up to 12 children

1.5 hours $210 up to 18 children

2 hours $230 up to 24 children

2.5 hours $290 up to 30 children

Balloon Twisting

Looking for entertainment that the children and adults will love? Balloon twisting is the perfect option! Our entertainers are amazing at making creative and colourful designs that will wow your guests and will entertain the children. We make animals, flowers, mermaids and unicorns. The options are endless! Our entertainers come costumed, have bubbly personalities and will be very popular from the youngest guests up to the older children.

Depending on the number of children we will offer quick designs using 1-2 balloons, intermediate designs using 2-4 balloons or advanced balloons using 2-10 balloons.

Our balloons are Qualatex and biodegradable.

Balloon twisting prices

1 hour $180 up to 15 children

1.5 hours $210 up to 20 children

2 hours $230 up to 30 children

Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

Looking for an entertainment package? Face painting and balloon twisting is a very popular package that suits all the children at your party. Your entertainer will face paint all children then make everyone at least 1 balloon.

Face painting and balloon twisting prices

1.5 hours $230 up to 10 children

2 hours $260 up to 15 children

3 hours $390 up to 20 children

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos is a popular activity for parties and events, and they suit a wide range of age groups. We have a huge selection of designs and beautiful glitter colours to suit all children and their interests. Our glue and glitter are cosmetic grade and suitable for use on the skin. The best part is that glitter tattoos last for up to 5 days and can be removed with oil.

Having a pool party or a wide range of age groups then glitter tattoos is for you.

Glitter tattoos prices

1 hour $180 up to 20 children

1.5 hours $210 up to 30 children

2 hours $230 up to 40 children

Face painting, balloons and glitter tattoos

1.5 hours $270 up to 6 kids

2 hours $300 up to 10 kids

2.5 hours $375 up to 14 kids

3 hours $450 up to 18 kids

Want a different combination? Get in contact for a price

Entertainment Extras

Party Games

Party games can be added to your booking. Our party games are aimed at over 5s only and are best for 8-15 children. We play a mixture of traditional party games as well as games specifically themed to your party.

Interested in adding games to your party? Please discuss with Sparkly Sue if our games package will suit the age range, number of children and length of your party.

Party games prices

30 minutes of party games (2-4 games) $90

Note: games and bubbles are only available as an add-on with one of the above entertainment activities.

Giant Bubbles

Paint n Sparkles also offer giant bubbles at parties and events. Giant bubbles just wow children and adults alike and are the perfect add on to your party.

30 minutes of giant bubbles – $120

Note: this is only available as an add-on with one of the above entertainment activities.

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